Technical aspects in the development of renewable energy projects play a key role in ensuring that the project is developed, built and operated in an efficient and sustainable manner. Our team includes engineers, technicians and other specialists who are have in-depth knowledge about renewable energy technologies and their implementation.

The key tasks that our technical team undertakes are:

  • Site assessment and design: the team carries out a site assessment to identify the potential of renewable energy resources such as wind, solar and design the area to maximise energy production.
  • Environmental conditioning and compliance: the team verifies the site's compliance with design guidelines and technical, environmental, planning and site standards.
  • Engineering and construction: the team controls the engineering and construction of the renewable energy infrastructure, including the installation of solar panels, and verifies the correctness of the analyses and assumptions.
  • Analysis and development: the technical team is responsible for spotting new technologies and developing innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of renewable energy projects. It focuses its attention on expanding its knowledge of pioneering solutions and implementing them into its range of services.

The challenges and difficulties faced by our technical team in developing renewable energy projects can vary depending on the type of the project and location and can include:

  • Site selection and analysis: finding suitable sites for renewable energy projects can be a challenge, particularly in densely populated areas or areas with competing land uses.
  • Technical complexity: renewable energy projects can be technically complex, requiring specialised skills and knowledge, and dealing with new or unproven technologies can be challenging.
  • Regulatory and permitting issues: renewable energy projects have to comply with various regulations and permits, making adaptation and configuration complex and time-consuming.
  • Connections and grid integration: renewable energy projects need to be connected to the electricity grid, and ensuring that the infrastructure is compatible with the existing grid can be challenging.

Szymon Gawliński
Head of Technical Support Team
March 2023