"We reduce the investor’s risks at every stage"
Karol, as Head of the Execution Department you are responsible for the technical side of the project - can you talk a little about your experience, how the RES industry differs from other projects you have been involved in?

Karol Kiercz: i have been working in the construction industry for about 6 years. In my experience, i have worked as a structural designer, managed assemblies and construction sites as a site manager, designed and built volume buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings and installations. i am close to the RES industry for last 2 years, i like the high management culture and working on interesting projects with business-experienced investors in an international environment. The RES industry itself is very innovative, modern and development-oriented. Being part of its development is very rewarding.

Tell us a bit about your work - what does the Execution Department do on a daily basis?
KK: We support investors in the execution process at various levels, complement their knowledge, share experience, provide support in strictly technical areas requiring specialist knowledge. We also help organize the process of projects preparation for construction and guide the construction process through to up to Commissioning Operational Date. We are happy to share our experience, help evaluate projects through the prism of their efficiency and profitability by verifying and optimizing in both: Capex and Opex area. We use our experience in running projects at different stages. We also provide support in the evaluation of projects in operation, supporting due diligence. We seek to mitigate investor risks at every stage related to the implementation, execution and operation of the investment.

What is the development process like and which stage do you think is the most difficult?
KK: The preparation of projects for implementation is highly dynamic and requires an in-depth understanding of the project environment. It also allows us to combine our technical knowledge with the financial and development scope of the project documentation. Realization is the moment when the long development process comes real and allows us to see the results of many years of work. The energization is the icing on the cake allowing us to enjoy the success of the project. Each stage can have individual problems, at the development stage it is the problems of getting the project out to completion and Ready To Build status. During construction, it is dealing with unexpected technical issues that often require a creative approach, while connecting the investment to the grid , the challenge is the smooth execution of the energization process especially in terms of contact with the Distribution System Operator.

What do you like most about your job?
KK: Many wonderful people are involved in the execution process and have a real impact on the development of the project. The fact that this long and often challenging process can finally manifest itself in real form is the greatest satisfaction and motivation for further projects.

How many projects does the Execution Department currently run?
KK: We are currently managing almost ten PV projects with a total capacity of 70 MW in stages from RtB status to advanced preparation for connection to the grid. The current projects range in capacity from 1 to 40 MW.

Karol Kiercz
Head of Execution Team
March 2023