People and markets in Europe are ready for growth and it is a "fun ride" to overcome bureaucratic resistance and artificial hurdles subsidized by the oil and gas industry and its political supporters. As of now we are having operating teams in Poland, Germany and Spain – more to come.

Scaling up the business

Project development is a very local exercise that needs to be rooted in the local community. Large amounts of capital must be spent to achieve the speed and scale required.

We see project development not as an engineering job or a bureaucratic process, but as an ongoing business process. Therefore, our BD team builds service structures that fit the local developers with their local power and the capital needed to drive change. Structuring SPVs, SPAs, M&As, CFDs, PPAs, EPCs, RFQs, and whatever else shortcuts are in the air, we are prepared to support you with that. A good network of advisors is essential for us, our clients, and the success of the projects. To create and maintain this network is one of the tasks of the BD team.

Solar PV and wind are well-developed technologies, but the scale needs to be significant. With our platform structure, we build large pipelines and portfolios that are tailored for the investor.

Energy transition needs new technologies

To completely transform the energy system, energy conversion will become increasingly important. As Horizons, we are watching H2, E-fuel and aviation fuel, as well as storage systems. We are digging in, to understand the basics of the tech, the financial models, the requirements, risks, and the market potential.

If you are a developer with local projects, looking for capital, or if you are an investor looking to grow a pipeline of renewable energy projects, let us talk.

Our services and team grow with the projects

We are constantly learning how markets, technologies, regulations and all market participants are working today and will work tomorrow. As a team we are responsible to drive company's growth outside the home country. Our roots are in Poland, we opened our German branch in 2021 and in Spain in 2022.

We are building relations to reach the target, a CO2 neutral, reliable and cheap energy supply for everybody.
Investors from 5 countries and a growing number of development partners needs to be maintained and constantly grown.

We continually adapt our services to meet the needs of our growing network.

We started from greenfield development, now we cover DDs, M&A processes, support in the RFQ and construction phase with commissioning and the operation. Whatever task is required by our partners, we are prepared to deliver, preparing ourselves or can support out of our network.

We develop and maintain relations with our clients, both developers and investors and help each other to shorten the value chain, in order to help them communicate and create the bond needed to develop common projects. We identify new business opportunities as well as lines of business to help grow a company's business and position on the market.

Holger Kurz
Head of Business Development Team
March 2023